Green Space Alliance

Improving health, wellbeing and liveability by using innovative water and urban planning solutions

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The Green Space Alliance is a voluntary group work group engaging stakeholders including government departments, local government and the community to help create a more liveable Western Australia.)

Vision Statement

Perth’s vibrant green spaces are crucial to our health and way of life and they are at risk of being lost as they are increasingly being threatened by urbanisation and degradation. The growth of Perth places great pressure on land space and water resources, and as a result the provision of green space has become a major challenge.

We advocate for public and commercial education campaigns about the benefits of urban greening and better urban design guidelines to make it easier for developers and community groups to increase their community’s greening.

Better knowledge about species selection is needed to reduce maintenance issues. Additionally, we would advocate that the Building Code of Australia be reassessed in the light of climate change challenges and that would also respond to the problems faced within less greener communities and their need to combat heat island effects.

Perth communities need comprehensive plans to guide urban transformation away from land-clearing infill developments that leave them hard surfaced heat sinks, devoid of green.

We need clear regulation and guidance to preserve and extend green space especially within private land ownership, as half of urban vegetation resides within private hands