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  • The beginning of April is the time to apply another light fertilise to your lawn. This will assist, your lawn to stay green and vigorous throughout winter. It will help the grass sward to become stronger, making it harder for winter weeds to find a weak spot to get into your lawn in the cooler months. 
  • Ensure that your lawn is in the best health it can be. If your lawn is looking a bit patchy  and has bare patches, this is the time to remedy this. After the heat of summer, and with the  permanent water efficiency measures (PWEMs) in place in WA, your lawn and gardens are likely to have suffered somewhat. To mitigate the impacts, apply a nutrient rich liquid or water-soluble fertiliser that contains kelp, humic and carbon to assist with water holding capacity, soil, and plant health. This will assist in ensuring that your lawn is completely knitted together and very healthy, before winter to stop weed invasion. Note: The main cause of weed infestation is bare ground in your turf, in Autumn. This means if your grass is in poor condition, you are more likely to have a problem.
  • Adjust irrigation run times as necessary. As nights get cooler and days too start to cool down towards the end of the month, your irrigation controller can be moderated to irrigate up to 40% less. This will save water for when it is most needed, in the hotter months.

The beginning of Autumn is also the time to look out for fungal diseases which can cause problems as temperatures change. For example, Dollar Spot is a fungus that shows up in spring to autumn and is a small straw-coloured spot about the size of a dollar coin. In the early morning dew a fine spider like substance can be seen in the affected area.  If the lawn is fertilised regularly and has correct nutrient levels, then chemical treatment is not necessary although Mancozeb + can be used.

  • Apply foliar iron manganese and nitrogen to support your lawn going into the cooler months

Mow weekly 15 – 20 mm depending on your turf variety, avoid scalping, refer to https://tgawa.com.au/turf-varieties/