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The Turf Growers Association of WA (TGAWA) was established in 1992 as an association of turf growers and allied businesses governed by Rules, a Code of Ethics and a Code of Best Practice.

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The Australian lawn has been a part of our culture for many years and there is nothing we like more than spending time with the family in our own backyard.

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Installing and caring for lawn in West Australia

Expert Turf Tips

  • From this ……to this……… just 6 weeks - The Turf Growers Association WA has worked collaboratively with the Water Corporation to build this really good little guide on “How to bring your brown lawn back to life”. The usual reflex with a brown lawn is to give it a good soak, but it’s not just water your lawn needs to survive the heat.… Continue Reading
  • Sprinkler TIP - Avoid using a combination of sprinkler types in a single irrigation station. Each sprinkler type distributes water at a different rate. Without uniform sprinkler types, you may find brown patches appear on your lawn. For example, pop up sprinklers generally take between 13 and 20 minutes to put down 10mm of water, while rotary sprinklers… Continue Reading
  • Summer Tip - With the heat of summer upon us, it’s time to check if you’re irrigating your lawns and gardens effectively. The best way to measure whether you are applying 10mm of water per irrigation is by conducting a catch cups trial to measure your irrigation output. Catch cups are available free from your local Turf Growers… Continue Reading

The Sports Turf Association (WA) is a highly valued industry partner with whom the TGAWA is proud to be associated. Our associations have worked collaboratively for many years with the best interest of the if the WA Turf Industry at heart. This unique partnership has resulted in collaboration to fund the WA Turf Industry Executive Officer and broader recognition of the two associations as the combined WA Turf Industry.

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Green Space Alliance Western Australia

Green Space Alliance WA is the WA alliance of organisations working to engage stakeholders, including government departments, local government and the community to influence creation of quality parks and gardens for a liveable state via innovative urban design, landscape architecture and outstanding landscaping projects.

One voice of GSA is acknowledged by numerous state government departments, as the point of reference for green infrastructure matters.

Green Space Alliance Vision Statement

To live in a community that values green spaces at its core which delivers benefits to everyone through improved health, wellbeing and livability by using innovative water and urban planning solutions.

The Turf Growers Association of WA is a proud member and supporter of the Green Space Alliance WA

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A double entendre for us all. Nurture your dreams and desires, it’s not useful looking over a fence when all the you need to attain your dreams is within. And……….water your lawn lol. It’s heating up in WA well and truly, so get some Aquaforce and Biagra on to your lawn and gardens now to wet your soil and to hold water where turf and plants need it most. 😊😎 You can purchase these excellent products from TGA WA members and at Total Eden stores. Best products ever in combo. #perth #irrigation #wettingagent #cooling #greengrass #lawncare #Lawn #savewaterAG Buffalo Turf Supplies Betta Turf Greenacres Turf Group Down South Turf Greenfields & Bullsbrook Turf Farms Westland Turf WEST COAST TURF Lawn Doctor True Blue Turf Total Eden Service Lawnspiration See MoreSee Less
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That oh shit moment! We actually know people who have done this! #awkward #ohno #why #lawncare #lawn #perth #shootmenowWorst. Nightmare. 😱😂😂 See MoreSee Less
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Army worm are back! Just the right humidity at the moment for these little buggers to make a mess of your lawn. The moths are in, and all stages of larvae were found this last weekend in a lawn in Bertram. The owners were worried that the initial heat after no Spring had affected their lawn. After pouring a bucket of warm soapy water over a dead patch this is what we found! From initial larvae stage to nice big fat healthy caterpillars! Chomping away as they do, they have killed off quite a large area of lawn in just a few days. The entire lawn front and back was treated with Scotts Lawn Builder Grub and Insect treatment (the red pack) and has been effective immediately. So if your lawn is dying off in patches you can do two things straight up. Walk across your lawn at dusk and see if small whitish moths flutter up from the surface as you cross your lawn and secondly, do the bucket test to see whether you have an active army worm infestation. Treat immediately if you identify this pest, otherwise it will damage your lawn terribly. AG Buffalo Turf Supplies Betta Turf Down South Turf Greenacres Turf Group Greenfields & Bullsbrook Turf Farms Greenhill Turf Consulting Lawn Doctor WEST COAST TURF Westland Turf Lawnspiration Scotts Lawn Care Turf Australia Better Homes & Gardens #lawn #lawncare #bloodygrubs See MoreSee Less
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November Tips for lawns in WA• Give your lawn a foliar feed of iron, manganese and nitrogen with a small amount of potassium and phosphorus to help get those roots deep into the ground and the leaf and stem strong to assist in resisting evaporation.• Apply a light top dress and liquid wetting agent on any areas that are looking like they are drying out.• Check your irrigation system again. Clean sprinkler heads, straighten sprinkler stands, and check for leaks.• From this time on you will probably need to adjust irrigation output and run times based on climatic conditions and soil infiltration rate. As the weather gets warmer you will need to increase irrigation times to achieve a higher millimetre rate, (as per the recommended run times pictured), and according to your watering days.• Also as the weather warms up, program mowing for the early hours of the day so the turf grasses are not under heat stress when mown. If possible, schedule irrigation events within the immediate 24 hours before mowing as this helps your lawn/turf grass to be in a healthier condition prior to mowing, which in turn enables it to recover more rapidly.• Mow weekly to ten days at heights of 8-10mm for couch, 15mm for buffalo and 10 – 12 mm for kikuyu, avoid scalping your lawn.Perth is OK Perth, Western Australia Lawnspiration Gardening Perth Love The Garden Australia LIAWA – Landscape Industries Association of WA#gardeningaustralia#lawnmaintenance #lawncare #lawn #turf #turfgrass #loveyourlawnAG Buffalo Turf Supplies Betta Turf Down South Turf Greenfields & Bullsbrook Turf Farms Greenacres Turf Group Greenhill Turf Consulting Green Space Alliance WA Lawn Doctor Westland Turf WEST COAST TURF True Blue Turf Ord Valley Turf Irrigation Australia Turf Australia Turf Finder #perth #perthproperty 6PR Gardening with Sue McDougall Sabrina Hahn – Hort with Heart Water Corporation The Garden Gurus See MoreSee Less
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Breathe easy with natural turf!New research from Turf Producers International and The Lawn Institute confirm the benefits of natural turf on our environment and health. This research used local weather data in 31 cities worldwide, including 5 in Australia, and found that a 200 square metre turf lawn can produce enough oxygen for between 12 and 18 people in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and See MoreSee Less
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