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Readily available at your local TGAWA member farm and Total Eden stores in WA

Biagra from SST Australia is a new generation water retaining agent that has been specifically designed for home garden use where watering-in is restricted. Biagra is a dual-action product that allows soil to accept and retain water at the root zone for longer. Application of Biagra prolongs turf health and vigour, ensures efficient water use and increases water retention by up to 50%, at the root zone of your lawn.
note: Biagra is not a wetting agent, it is a dual-action moisture-retaining agent.

BIAGRA – Soil Moisture Retainer

This unique new product helps your lawn require 50% less water over summer, surviving heat & water restrictions.

Biagra is a bi-active formula provides both outstanding penetration along with superior moisture retention.  Bi-Agra strength is its ability to retain additional moisture in normally low water-retaining root zones. Unlike polyacrylamides which hold water tightly, Bi-Agra holds moisture in the soil, yet allows water availability through the normal process of osmosis as required by the roots. Bi-Agra should be used as a curative treatment on severely water repellent soils to assist with the rewetting of dry root zones.

  • Can retain up to 5 times the amount of water against the root zone compared to untreated areas
  • Is non-burning at recommended rates.
  • Reduces turf wilting and moisture/heat stress
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Is an easy hose on application
  • 2 litres treats 150 m2 of lawn and garden bed

When used in combination with Aquaforce premium wetting agent, it helps keep your lawn healthy and green during Perth’s summer heat and water restrictions.

Apply Aqua Force premium wetting agent initially and then follow up with an application of Bi-Agra soil moisture retainer, a few days later.
Bi-Agra premium soil moisture-retaining agent is recommended for use at the following times and should be applied at least three times a year. At the beginning of Spring (September), again at the beginning of Summer (December), and in late Summer (February)

AQUAFORCE – Premium Soil Wetter

  • Highly penetrating non-ionic soil surfactant
  • For extreme situations in particular severely hydrophobic soils
  • Long-lasting – Assists in breaking down hydrophobic build-up, water retention and rapid penetration
  • Good even soil wetting qualities
  • Overcomes water repellence & save water
  • Reduces loss from evaporation & run-off
  • Is environmentally friendly and excellent in extreme conditions
  • Enhances moisture uptake and retention around the root zone, improving plant health and vigour
  • Easy hose on application that will continue to re-wet soil for up to 3 months
  • 2 litre container treats 200 m2 of turf

A premium soil surfactant for premium performance. Combines highly penetrating properties whilst having the ability to attach onto soil particles, providing a water attracting surface to assist with water passing through the profile. Less phytotoxic than many other soil wetters with excellent long term soil wetting properties. Although a low phytotoxic risk, thorough watering of all soil wetting products is recommended. As well as being an extra safety mechanism, it also enhances their performance.
When used in combination with Bi-AgraTit helps keep your lawn healthy and green during Perth’s summer heat and water restrictions. Apply Aqua Force and then follow up with an application of BI-AGRA soil moisture retainer, a few days later. Aquaforce premium wetting agent is recommended for use at the following times in WA
Spring (September/October), Summer (December/January) and Autumn (March/April) each year.

For more information on Aquaforce Premiun Soil Wetter and Bi-AgraTM check out the below pamphlets: