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This is the perfect time to install new turf.

  • Undertake an audit of your irrigation system. Ensure that your system is all working well and test how long you need to run each station to put out the 10mms of water your lawns and gardens you need to sustain in the heat.  The following checks should be undertaken.
  1. Check for leaks in your irrigation system
  2. Check for broken sprinkler heads and inefficient misting or micro sprayers
  3. Check your irrigation controller and system are operating correctly
  4. Set the optimal run times for your garden
  • Undertake a catch cup test.  See how here https://youtu.be/aT6ooJIdBaw
  • Don’t mistake dry patches for fungus. Undertaking an audit on your irrigation system will assist in defining whether or not you have dry patch caused by an inefficient watering system.
  • Spring Dead Spot fungus can become noticeable now, in couch grasses. If you do think you have the fungus you can use Mancozeb Plus or call in a professional licensed herbicide sprayer to treat your lawn. Take proper precautions if applying herbicide DIY.
  • Apply fertiliser application, this important fertilisation should be based on a scientific approach, if at all possible, via a soil nutrient analysis. This is the fertilise that will prepare your turf/lawn for the hot months ahead. 

Lower your mower for summer cutting as per turf variety refer to https://tgawa.com.au/turf-varieties/