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Summer Tip

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With the heat of summer upon us, it’s time to check if you’re irrigating your lawns and gardens effectively. The best way to measure whether you are applying 10mm of water per irrigation is by conducting a catch cups trial to measure your irrigation output. Catch cups are available free from your local Turf Growers Assn members and Waterwise Irrigation shops. If you can’t get a supply, you can make your own by using ice-cream containers or a similar group of containers that have straight sides. Simply mark a 10mm measurement on the outside of these containers and spread them out across your lawn. You will need to distribute at least 9 maybe 12 catch cups or containers to achieve the best readings.

Very importantly, to increase the effectiveness of your irrigation, please also apply a quality wetting agent and soil moisture retainer, such as the TGAWA recommended Aquaforce and Biagra combination, at the beginning of December and again in late January or early February to create the best soil wetting and water holding capacity for turf and plant usage. Actioning both is simple and cost-effective and very worthwhile.