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Recommended watering schedule for new lawns and gardens
Under approved 35 day exemption from watering restrictions
1st April – 30th September
**Exemptions need to be applied for through the Water Corporation**

1 – 144.0mm2x DailyBefore 9am and at 2pm
15 – 287.5mm1x DailyBefore 9am
29 – 357.5mmEvery second dayBefore 9am

*Use catch  cups or a small container on your lawn to measure the amount of water you are applying. It is imperative that you apply amounts as per above table.*

Watering exemption for new lawns and gardens

If you are establishing a new lawn or garden, you may apply for a temporary exemption from the sprinkler roster that applies to your area.  New lawn can refer to roll on lawn, runners, shredded lawn and/or seed.  This exemption applies to scheme water supplied by the Water Corporation and for garden bores.

Exemption Rule

Between 1 October and 31 March, customers who apply for and are granted an exemption can use sprinklers to water a new lawn and/or garden three times per day for up to 42 days from the day of planting.  A 35-day exemption applies for the remainder of the year (from 1 April to 30 September).

How to apply

The exemption must be applied for and granted prior to planting. Sprinklers cannot be used outside of the watering roster until an exemption is put in place.

To apply for an exemption please apply online at the Water Corporation.

Required information

When applying for an exemption you need to tell us:

  • the address of the property;
  • your name, mobile, home telephone details and email address;
  • if you are using a garden bore;
  • the nature and location of the new planting (ie: front/back, garden/lawn);
  • the date from which the exemption is requested to commence; and
  • the name of the person responsible for watering the property.


If the householder is granted an exemption and found not to comply with the exemption conditions, an infringement notice can be issued. The penalty is a $500 fine, which may be modified to a $100 on-the-spot fine.

All exemptions cease after the approved exemption period from the date the exemption is requested to commence.

Regardless of who has installed the lawn, plants and irrigation system, the owner of the property is held responsible for any breach of the exemption conditions.

At the end of the exemption period, the settings on your irrigation controller must be amended in accordance with the sprinkler roster for your area.

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